Carpet Types & Styles

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Originating in North Africa, the Berber carpet has endured due to a bold, appealing texture and plush comfort. Loop pile construction and a low profile give this style of carpet a pleasingly shaggy, laid back style. Suitable for any setting, casual or formal, Berber features rich, neutral colors flecked with darker hues for contrast.

Berber is known as a carpet that forsakes conformity. Where other styles feature an even, consistent feel, this carpet combines larger and smaller threads and loops to lend a relaxed quality to your flooring. Color combinations create a sense of space and style absent from other designs, and the result is a carpet you’re bound to love.

Our Berber carpets are available in a variety of fibers. Nylon is strong, durable and resists the wear and tear associated with shoes. Polyester runs softer, and is more acceptable to dying during the design process, making it brighter and cleaner looking than its cousins. Olefin is an environmentally friendly fiber that is ideal for high-traffic areas, resistant to fading and easy to install. But if you want to go for broke, wool is the most natural choice. Wool produces a Berber that is softer and more indulgent than any other fiber.



Traditional and comforting, the plush and texture carpet is a jack of all trades. Featuring an even, low profile, and a dense, soft surface, this option is endlessly versatile, with plenty of color options to suit any room, mood or style. If you’re looking to equip your home with a universally appealing style of carpet that will look great from basement to bedroom and everything in between, the plush and texture carpet is your best bet.

Sheared evenly, this style of carpet provides a uniform surface throughout the rooms of your home. Unlike thicker, more textured carpets, the plush and texture doesn’t attract as much dirt, and is easier to clean and maintain. Receptive to dying during the design process, it’s also easy to find the exact color you’ve been dreaming of.

Plush and texture carpets are available in any number of fibers. Nylon is durable, and receptive to cleaning. Not only that, this fiber won’t get matted down over time, meaning this flooring will maintain its even texture even as the days and years roll by. Polyester, an eco-friendly choice, is made from the same fibers that are recycled from plastic bottles. Olefin fiber boasts eye-catching color that resists stains and fading, allowing you to get irreverent with your color choices. Wool is, as always, the premium choice for those looking to bask in the lap of luxury. Soft, durable and gorgeous, you can never go wrong with wool.



Over the last few years, frieze carpeting has become our most popular style for home flooring. Why? Because frieze is awesome, of course. Tightly wound together from yarn or fiber, a frieze is plush and inviting. Known for its comfort, frieze is suited for any room, and can be twisted to create bold and attractive color combinations. But don’t just judge the frieze by its looks. This carpet is extremely easy to clean and resists matting or tracking, meaning footprints and vacuum streaks are a thing of the past.

Where other carpet styles wind their fibers together once or twice, the construction of a frieze demands the process be repeated until the fibers curl or kink back in on themselves. Such design is what makes the frieze exceptionally comfortable, and creates a distinctive ruffled look that feels great underfoot.

At Perfect Flooring, your frieze carpet is available in a number of different fibers. Nylon is known for its durability and comfortable, as well as the ability to resistance staining and other unwanted coloring. Polyester is an environmentally friendly fiber made from components of recycled plastic, and is particularly useful in high traffic areas of your home. Olefin is known for bright, bold color that is infused during the chemical dying process. Wool is soft, durable and warm, holding color exceptionally well and resistant to traffic and staining.



For those looking for a little more style from your carpet, you’ve met your watch with the pattern. A combination of cut fibers and loops creates a textural contrast highlighted by a number of available patterns and colors. With this carpet, the possibilities for design are nearly endless. Create an enticing lattice that adds depth to your living room, or choose from a selection of shapes that are certain to bring personality to your home or business.

Pattern carpet is the only style that combines cut and loop fibers to create a true pattern. Where other carpets may be dyed for contrast, the different textures of the pattern carpet allow designers to create unique one-of-a-kind flooring. If you want to stand apart from the crowd, choose pattern. The style can be dressed up for formal rooms, or boast casual designs in rooms where you want to relax and unwind.

Pattern carpets are available in a number of different fibers. Nylon is recognized for its springiness, making it ideal for high traffic areas. Where other fibers will become matted or leave impressions, fiber will bounce right back up. Polyester Is easy on the wallet and econ-friendly, made from recycled plastic and other materials. With high stain resistance and bright coloring, it’s one fiber that is sure to endure. For the decorative, Olefin is the fiber that holds its color most effectively over time. Last, but certainly not least, wool is natural and luxurious. Known for warmth, comfort, durability and stain resistance, wool is the jack of all trades when it comes to carpet fiber.



Loop is easy to install and provides a basic, functional carpeting that is appropriate throughout your entire home. With a high density design and a lower profile, this carpet is affordable, though does not provide the springiness or support of other, thicker flooring options.

Available in a variety of cool, warm and neutral colors, the loop carpet is suitable for any home or business. With a lower profile, this style is less susceptible to snags or other damage. And coupled with padding, this carpet is warm, comfortable and durable. Loop doesn’t boast the long feature list of many other carpets, but it is an affordable choice that can quickly improve the aesthetic of any room.

Loop carpet is available in a variety of fibers. Nylon is durable, stain resistant and easy to care for, requiring the least maintenance of any fiber. Eco-friendly and soft, polyester is both affordable and comfortable. Olefin is adept at maintaining its color, remaining bright and beautiful even years and years after installation. If you want to go for broke, wool is durable, soft, warm and built to lass. Wool is an investment, but it’s one you may be thanking yourself for at some point down the road.

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