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Eco-Friendly Guarantee

Eco-Friendly Guarantee
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Eco Friendly Installation

Pollutant levels can be up to five times higher indoors than outdoors. It sounds tough believe, but it’s true. And the culprit is right beneath your feet. Your carpet or hardwood floor is manufactured and installed using tons of chemicals and pollutants, including some that are suspected carcinogens. Termed Volatile Organic Carcinogens (VOCs), these chemicals take years and years to fully dissipate from your home.

You don’t want these chemicals trapped in your home, surrounding the people you love. Choose a flooring company that installs only floors and carpets with natural, non-toxic chemicals and installs their floors in an environmentally-considerate and healthy manner. Perfect Flooring specializes in EPA-regulated installations that avoid harmful fumes.

It isn’t only floor installation that can release these chemicals. Refinishing, which sands and polishes your hardwood to refresh its appearance, is equally guilty of sending pollutants into the air of your home. Perfect Flooring uses dust free atomic sanding, a green-friendly process that doesn’t release any chemical-heavy dust into the air of your home.

Protect your family and the environment. Choose Perfect Flooring, one of Pittsburgh’s most trusted local flooring companies. We specialize in safe floor installation and refinishing.