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Laminate Flooring Types

Laminate Flooring Types
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Laminate flooring is classified according to surface types. You can partner each surface type with any variety of laminate. Laminate is also graded on durability, termed an AC, or Abrasion Class, rating. Check the abrasion class to see whether your laminate is suitable for light residential duress, such as a bedroom, or high traffic commercial areas such as department stores.


Smooth laminate finishes suit any type of hardwood-style laminate. Choose between high, medium and low gloss options to add a crisp, sharp appearance to the natural finish of your laminate.


An embossed finish will add grooves and texture to an otherwise uniform laminate. If you’re looking to spice up your fine grained floor, a distressed finish is just the ticket.


Choose distressed finishing for an authentic, one-of-a-kind finish. Built to look antique, this vintage finish will create a carefully curated aged look. Think of it as wear and tear just the way you want it.

Perfect Flooring can complete your laminate flooring with any of these finishes and more. Our team of experts and flooring consultants will help you find the best look for your home, and then work efficiently to install your new laminate flooring at an affordable price.

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