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Refinishing Services

Refinishing Services
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You don’t always need to invest in a new floor. Maybe you are still pleased with the performance and appearance of your old floor, but wish it could be touched up a bit. There might be a few troublesome spots-high traffic areas, say-where the wear and tear has left stains, abrasions and other unsightly marks. Or maybe years of dirt and other particles have sunk in to your floor, dirtying it beyond what your cleaning products can fix. If you think it’s time to rehabilitate your home flooring, call Perfect Flooring. We offer refinishing services for all hardwood floors.

What exactly does refinishing do? Think of it as a new coat of paint. You can refinish your floor to match its current appearance, or take your style in a whole new direction. Bring back the glory days of your hardwood, increase the value of your home, and complement your existing décor with a completely refinished floor. Our dust free service makes sure we leave your house just like we found it.

Refinishing works by sanding away the damaged outer layer of the hardwood. Think of your floor as a series of layers. Just beneath the dirty, damaged outer layer that’s been exposed to the elements is a clean, immaculate hardwood surface. Our refinishers sand down your floor evenly, polish the exposed surface, and touch up any imperfections. You’ll be left with a floor that looks better than new, at a fraction of the cost.

Do you remember how your floor looked when you first got it installed? It was polished, spotless and pristine. Or maybe you bought an older home, and never had a new floor. Whatever the case may be, if you want a floor that looks like it belongs in a showroom, trust us to do your refinishing. Fast, effective, and affordable is our philosophy.

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