Vinyl vs. Laminate Plank Flooring

While vinyl and laminate flooring have been long seen as cheaper flooring material, technological advancements in floor manufacturing have made these materials affordable, comparable, and highly sought-after in active homes. Many homeowners don’t realize the difference between vinyl and laminate flooring, and the two materials are sometimes confused for one another.

Material Differences

Vinyl is typically made from synthetic materials that mimic tile or hardwood floors, and can be easily installed in sheets or planks, using adhesive to directly glue the vinyl to the floor. Vinyl is a softer, more flexible material, meaning that it can be installed on slanted or sloping floors without problem. Laminate plank flooring, in contrast, is made with recycled hardwood and contains a core layer of dense fiberboard, simulating the look and feel of real hardwood. Because of the layered structure of laminate planks, it is an inflexible material, meaning the floor it is installed over needs to be level and smooth. Laminate flooring installed over a bumpy or sloped floor is prone to cracking and breaking.

Water Resistance

The biggest appeal for laminate versus vinyl flooring is their respective resistance to water damage. Laminate plank’s layer construction means that it will react similarly to hard or engineered wood when exposed to standing water and high levels of humidity. Installing a laminate floor in your kitchen isn’t necessarily a problem, so long as spills and leaks are taken care of immediately. Vinyl’s durable resin coating lends to a waterproof floor, meaning it is ideal for rooms where regular standing water could be a problem, particularly bathrooms.


Vinyl and laminate offer different levels of durability, which is dependent on the activity in your home. While vinyl does offer durability, the surface can be easily scratched or dented, and cheaper vinyl can fade due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. Laminate floors can last up to 25 years, and the high-density fiberboard material can prevent against scratches, making it ideal for homes with young children or pets.

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