Vinyl Flooring Types

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If you’ve settled on vinyl, there are a few different types of this material to consider when choosing your floor.


Sheet vinyl is popular for a reason. This type of vinyl comes in, as the name suggests, large sheets. Why are these so useful? Because they can cover a large surface area without creating seams where dirt, moisture and other particles can seep in and damage your floor. In fact, all sheet vinyl flooring, thanks to a thick, durable construction, is resistant to moisture.


Vinyl tiles are easy to install, as the flooring comes in 1 square foot sections which are simply laid down on top of the foundation of your floor. Often, grout or another material is used to fill in the space between these tiles to prevent water from damaging your tiles or even the foundation of your floor.

Vinyl planks are modelled after hardwood. Available in a variety of widths, these planks are laid together, making them easy to install. Less separation between the planks means it is difficult for condensation and moisture to get between the cracks in your floor.

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