Carpet Cleaning Services

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Every carpet gets dirty. No matter how carefully you care for your carpet, you’re bond to deal with stains and spills that ruin the look of your otherwise pristine carpet. And depending on the kind of carpet in your home, your carpet may be more likely to accumulate dirt. Perfect Flooring is here for you, and we will help restore any old carpet and help it look like new again.

There are do-it-yourself carpet cleaners, but home cleaning methods never will work as well as a thorough, professional clean. We deep clean the fibers of your carpet, removing the stains that are visible to you and your guests as well as the dirt and grime that lurks in the material of the carpet itself. A stain free carpet is certain to brighten up your home, and provide other added benefits. Most homeowners don’t realize that the dirt and grime that can find its way into your carpet can contribute to air quality problems within your home. Once the contaminants are nestled in the fibers of your carpet, it’s almost impossible to get them out with powerful, professional cleaning services.


We employ professional carpet cleaning technicians and utilize the most powerful, effective vacuum systems. With the best equipment and the best crews, we’re adept at removing all the dirt, stains and other contaminants that ruin your carpet. A regular, professional cleaning can extend the lifespan of your carpet dramatically, adding years and even decades to the life of your carpet.

Call Perfect Flooring for all your professional carpet cleaning solutions. We price upfront with accurate estimates so you know how much it’ll take to get your carpet looking spotless. Remove stains, spills, spots, and hidden dirt and pollen today! Call (412) 927-1011 to schedule a cleaning today, or learn about our carpet installation specials!