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Cork Flooring Installation

Cork Flooring Installation
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Cork flooring is more popular than ever. Attractive and durable, these floors stand up to wear and, like bamboo, are a completely renewable resources. Taken from the bark of oak trees, this isn’t only an environmentally responsible choice-it’s well known for sound deadening properties. Whether for your home or business, a cork floor will help you enjoy a little peace and quiet.

Not only that, cork is a snap to install-literally! Modern cork planks simply snap into place, creating a tight fit that ensures no moisture or humidity can seep between the cracks in your floor. Stylish, comfortable, and green friendly-what more could you want from a floor?

Cork also has a pleasing springiness for those who are looking for a more comfortable wood floor. If you spend much time standing in your home, you’ll notice the different instantly. This softness, or springiness, doesn’t mean cork is anything less than durable. On the contrary, this type of feel actually prevents cork from taking damage from your furniture or a dropped object.

Cork is also a fire retardant. Though preventing fire in the home is more important than relying on the resistant capabilities of cork, many people take comfort from this property.

If you’re starting to think cork is a sort of wonder floor, guess what? You’re right. Cork’s unique properties and attractive style make it one of our most popular flooring options. Call Perfect Flooring today to find out more about why cork is right for you.

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