Coastal Inspired Flooring

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Craving a coastal aesthetic for your home interior home décor? Achieve the beach-inspired home you’ve always wanted, even if you’re not right by the beach! Many different designs and products exist in the market that can perfectly translate your love for pale, laid-back colors into a space that feels trendy, beachy and relaxed. After all, coastal decorating exists for those who love to sit back and enjoy down time. If you want your home or space to convey a coastal vibe, light, pale, and modern colors, textures, materials and furnishings are the best place to start. Flooring, which acts as your canvas to build your dream beach bungalow in the ‘Burgh, can enhance your final decorative touches to properly establish a beautiful interior design that feels like your family and guests are relaxing by the shore!

Coastal design usually feature light color palates and tend to avoid dark, dramatic tones. Avoid bathing your rooms in too much dark; stick with utilizing darker shades for accents or final touches. Flooring products that pair well with these general design guidelines for coastal interiors include laminate, hardwood and tile. These flooring materials can be used in so many ways for your flooring and offer sustainable, durable product options.

Flooring for your beach-themed home can include tons of different species, shades and sizes of hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring has been a popular interior flooring choice in the interior design industry for what seems like forever, and hardwood can be manipulated and texturized to give off a beach feel. Wide plank woods can be installed and offer a casual but modern take on hardwood. Enhance the coastal feel with painting your planks white, or even patterned, so your family and friends can feel like they’re on a boardwalk! Darker stains and species also look stunning in beach homes, but be careful not to overdue the dark when you’re deciding on decorative fixtures! Laminate is a great flooring option for your coastal paradise because of its water-resistance and ability to mimic popular hardwood products. Laminate flooring is also very easy to install, so you can go ahead and get a jump-start on paint and fixtures much quicker. Light laminate boards match perfectly with pale color design palates.

The most popular flooring choice for coastal-themed homes is tile. Tile is such a versatile flooring product that is made from so many different natural materials, and due to this huge inventory most tile products can easily convey a beach vibe, especially if you’re going for a Mediterranean atmosphere. Mosaic patterns of ceramic tile with blue hues and soft greens provide an interesting take on the ocean itself. Large porcelain tiles that reflect the room around you is also an excellent tile flooring choice if you’re going for a modern-beach feel. Stone is a tiling product that comes in a wide variety of warm earth tones like granite, travertine, marble and limestone. Naturally-shaped stone pavers in beige tones can emulate real sand at the beach!

Being by the beach isn’t a requirement to draw inspiration from beach culture into the interior decorating of your space. Cool, pale tones with different flooring products can provide a coastal atmosphere that you and your family will love. Many different flooring products can be used to transform your home from blah to beach, and who doesn’t want to feel like they’re living on the coast?!


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