Sustainable Flooring for our Future

Hardwood flooring isn’t just popular for your flooring installation, its surprisingly helpful towards our organic environment. Heightened awareness of just how impressionable our existence is on the ecosystems of many different zones on our planet has impacted businesses around the world and made “going green” a staple within the homebuilding and design realms. More consumers are concerned with how their living practices impact has on the natural world, and that’s why Armstrong—a leading hardwood flooring manufacturer—has produced sustainable hardwood flooring products that retain the beauty of hardwood in your home without the environmental pressure.


It’s hard to want to design your home your dream way with keeping our environment in mind. Hardwood flooring, an iconic choice that’s been stylish since the first colonies settled in North America, on the surface would seem to be a harmful choice for our environment, however its usage is extremely eco-friendly. Not only does installing hardwood on the outside of your home help our planet, but its indoor benefits are perfect for conservation as well. So what does Armstrong’s sustainable hardwood flooring do for our environment, and for you?


When choosing your hardwood flooring, don't forget to look at sustainable products from Armstrong!

When choosing your hardwood flooring, don’t forget to look at sustainable products from Armstrong!

  • Save on Energy
    • When producing materials for your home wood is the most energy-efficient housing product to produce. Technology growth has also contributed by allowing us to utilize wood waste after the essential products are created.
  • Watching our Water
    • Responsibly managed forest utilization is an important practice for seedlings, saplings, forest floor ecology and our water supply. By thinning mature trees sunlight and water can reach young plant life much easier, allowing for a healthy forest floor environment and additionally allowing the forest to release more water for the next harvest.. in a decade!
  • The Carbon Conundrum
    • Sustainable forest management enables healthier forests that function as a “carbon sink” to rid the air of harmful emissions and purify drinking water for established ecosystems, including our human one!
  • Air Quality for You
    • When you install hardwood flooring into your home you won’t have to worry about inhaling any dust or other hurtful particles or allergens in the air. Hardwood is also easy to clean, so if any particles do creep into your home, sweep them up easily!
  • Recycle, Recycle, Recycle
    • Hardwood is the ultimate recycling product. Its composition makes it last for flooring for a century, and hardwood flooring can also be refinished multiple times to extend its life. After its life as your beautiful flooring (and someone else’s, unless you can’t age!) hardwood can be broken down and used for other wood products. Waste of hardwood isn’t harmful for our soil, either. So when it’s seen too many years to count, it fertilizes our ground.



Although claiming hardwood for your floors in essence sounds like a bad idea for the environment, proper forest management and recycling practices—exhibited by hardwood manufacturer Armstrong—is incredibly good for all of our forest ecosystems. Just like when our ancestors harvested crops with slash-and-burn techniques, proper hardwood accumulation, use and recycling is a great way to keep our environment, and your home, perfect.



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